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The UNBSU by-elections ran from Oct. 5 to Oct. 9. According to UNB eservices, only 137 voters cast a ballot.

This is unacceptable but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Especially with the federal elections are on everyone’s mind.

In the 2011 federal elections, voter turnout was a whopping 61.1 per cent out of all eligible Canadian voters. It was even lower for the 18 to 24 age range at 38.8 per cent.

If the turnout from the UNBSU by-election results is any indication of the voter turnout of UNB students on Oct. 19, the prospects aren’t looking very good; but there’s no reason it should be this way.

Last week, there were special advanced polls just for students in the SUB. We were given the unique opportunity to choose what riding we wanted to vote in. All this extra work was done for us.

The UNBSU organized a Get Out the Vote campaign. They put on a concert and a coffee house among other events. Again, all this work was done just for us—the students.

Last Tuesday all the Fredericton riding candidates but one came to College Hill for an election forum. They presented their platforms and took the time to talk to students. This event was organized by the UNBSU and the STUSU, who both put effort into arranging it. Once more, all this work was done for students.

A lot of people have bent over backwards to make our voting easier, more informed and more fun. All that is being asked in return is that we take a few moments out of our day and actually vote. It’s that simple.

So vote.

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