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Fredericton Candidate Platforms 2015: Sharon Scott-Levesque

Photo: Submitted

Photo: Submitted

Sharon Scott-Levesque is a registered nurse experienced with the care of veterans and the elderly. A Fredericton native, Sharon has participated in several health and wellness campaigns. She has been a small business owner for 13 years. Sharon is a mother of four and a grandmother of seven.

Q: What’s in the NDP platform for students?
A: We will start by eliminating the interest on student loans. A lot of students are saddled with debt and they can’t be expected to start a life as productive citizens. We will be boosting the Canada Grants Program with $250 million over the next four years with a focus on low income and indigenous students.
We’ll be making loans more affordable, but also make living more affordable with our $15 a day child daycare plan.
Q: How does the NDP plan to promote jobs?
A: The NDP will invest in infrastructure accord the country and in New Brunswick. We’ll be cutting taxes for small business owners, who are vital in creating jobs.
Q: What does the NDP have planned for election reform?
The NDP is going to get rid of the Senate. It’s been a long time goal for the NDP; it’s a corrupt and undemocratic institution.
We’ll be cutting the Fair Elections Act, which only made it more difficult for Canadians to vote. We’ll also be changing to voting system to proportional representation, which is a better fit for Canada.
Q: Do you have any message for students?
A: Tom Mulcair is a leader who Canadians can trust to beat Harper. Students are a vital part of Canada’s future; Mulcair knows that and we have the best plan

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