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Fredericton Candidate Platforms 2015: Matt DeCourcey

Photo: Submitted

Photo: Submitted

Matt DeCourcey is a Fredericton native with a BA from STU. He earned his Masters in Public Relations in Halifax before returning to his hometown. Before his nomination as the Liberal candidate DeCourcey worked as the communications director for Child Youth Advocate.

Q: What can be done for students?

Our platform piece is going to be delivered very soon here. We are going to increase affordability and access for lower and middle class students. You’re going to see that in the form of boosted grants and ensuring that we work with those in more vulnerable situations. So lot of investments in post-secondary education for aboriginal Canadians. And that’s just for getting into education.

On the back end we need to provide more compassionate repayment options for those who carry loans, as well as help student find work.

 Q: What about jobs opportunities?

A big part of our platform is increasing the number of youth jobs for people leaving school. For skills development opportunities. Those are target investments but we are also investing in job creation through the largest infrastructure investment in the country’s history.

Q:The liberals have brought up voting reform, what are your thoughts?

A:We have every intention to change the voting system. This will be the last first past the post system under a liberal government. We will bring in legislation within 18 months that will meet with experts and make sure we develop the best electoral given reality of Canada.

Q: Any message for students?

I think for the last ten year we’ve been taken down the road by a very divisive, mean spirited government that will pit regions of the country against each other for its own gain. My view is that our part has a very progressive, inclusive and responsible plan, understanding of the need to engage young people, in creating a more caring country.

I think students on campus also need to know that strategic voting is a real thing given the state of our current electoral system.

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