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Songs of the week

Arts editor Sebastian Maynard lays down the top tracks of the week. 

Arcade Fire – “Get Right”

To go along with the release of The Reflektor Tapes, a documentary that follows Arcade Fire as they record 2013’s Reflektor and the subsequent tour, the band has also released a deluxe edition of the album. Added to the deluxe version are five new songs as well as a remix to the original “Flashbulb Eyes.” In “Get Right,” the synths and electronic sounds that were so prominent on the album are scrapped for a more old fashioned, rock/blues song. Centred on a loose, twanging guitar and heavy bass drum, the song lets the instruments do most of the talking, with the second half featuring an intense build up and no vocals. Too bad the tour is already over, because this would have been a great song to see live.

Big Grams – “Goldmine Junkie”

On Sept. 25, Big Boi and Phantogram released their collaborative EP as Big Grams. One of the most interesting tracks in the collection is “Goldmine Junkie,” a song that strays a bit from a lot of their work, with Big Boi helping out with the chorus while Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel tries her hand at rapping. According to Big Boi, this was exactly the appeal of working with Phantogram in the first place. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper explained, “We wanted to experiment and have fun with it. The main focus of wanting to do this project was to do things that we wouldn’t normally do anywhere else.”

Father John Misty – “The Memo”

After the success of this years I Love You, Honeybear, Father John Misty has been wasting no time in keeping the music coming. On his newest song, “The Memo,” Misty continues to look and comment on the world that he finds himself in. With lines like “Narcissus would have had a field day if he could have got online” and “Here at the cultural low water mark if it’s fraud or art, they’ll pay you to believe,” there is certainly a level of criticism that Misty is directing towards society. No word yet on when his next release will be, but it seems like it may be sooner than expected.

Funkadelic – “Ain’t that Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You (Louie Vega Remix featuring Kendrick Lamar)”

If you listened to Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album, To Pimp a Butterfly, you probably noticed that the record was pretty funky. A large part of that was because of the people that helped Kendrick make the album, one such person being George Clinton from the highly influential funk group, Funkadelic. The band, which has been around since 1968, just dropped a series of remixes to their song “Ain’t that Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You,” one which features a verse from Lamar. The remix comes in at a little over 10 minutes long, allowing you to vibe out without having to worry about what song you are going to put on next.

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