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Welcome back!

It’s the beginning of a new school year and that can only mean one thing … The Bruns is back! So to all you new students, welcome, and to everyone returning – welcome back. Let’s get this year started off with the obligatory introductory message.

Disclaimer: There is never a dull moment at UNB.

And I don’t just mean the partying, orientation activities and other antics you may have experienced in your first week back. Nor the studying (err … cramming), reading (let’s be honest: skimming) or stressing you’ll likely be doing for your classes once they start up (although all of the above will definitely keep you on your toes).

No, I’m talking about the crazy fiascoes that always seem to crop up here at the University of New Brunswick. Explosions in our science buildings? We’ve had a few of those. A faculty strike? One of those as well. A scandal at the law school? Look no further than last winter. And with all the faculties but one expressing non-confidence in their senior admin and the resignation of the vice-president academic last spring, this year is shaping up to be no different.

A word of reassurance: the Bruns has seen you through it all. The people of Canada’s oldest official student publication have kept you up to date with everything that happens at this university – and in our 149th year, we’re not slowing down. Whether you’re looking for arts, sports, news or opinions there’s always something going on at UNB, and you’ll be able to find it between these pages.

That’s where I’d like to end off, because even though this university has seen its fair share of craziness, it’s not the only thing that will occupy your time. What you will find during your years here is that UNB is a community – one in which there are plenty of ways to get involved, as evidenced by its numerous clubs and societies.

So try something new and make the most of it. Unlike the antics you got into during first week, choosing to get involved won’t leave you with any regrets. And hey – if you don’t know where to start, come down to room 35 in the SUB and volunteer for us. Or shoot us a message at editor@thebruns.ca.

-Emma McPhee is the editor-in-chief of The Brunswickan

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