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Top 5 Banks to Invest In

When you’re a student making your way in the frigid world you face adult challenges you’ve never considered before: How do I do my taxes? How do I get cheques?

Well worry no more! We’ve compiled a list of the best banks in town, here to make your financial life easier.

  1. Bank of President’s Choice
    • We care about your money, almost as much as we care about you.PC

2. Memorial Banking Group

  • Remember when you had money?

Mem3. TD (Tilley Deposit) Bank on Campus

  • Math: not our strong suit.

TD4.Student’s Select Bank

  • For when you can’t afford anything else.

Student Choice5. Bank of Lunchréal

  • Our rates won’t eat up your savings.





On second thought, maybe keeping all your birthday money in a shoe box isn’t such a bad idea…

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