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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Summer beers

Sebastian Maynard – Mad Jack

At 5 per cent alcohol content, Molson’s new apple lager is going up against ciders, wines and coolers more than it is going against other beers. Mad Jack tastes more like carbonated apple juice than it does anything else, which might be exactly what you are looking for on a warm summer day. The drink is billed as an Apple Lager, and it certainly is something that can be drunk easily, quickly and in abundance.


Adam Travis – Oranje Weisse by Amsterdam Brewery

 This bright orange bottle with white text screams summer, and in this case you can really judge the beer by its bottle. Oranje Weisse pours light and hazy, and is probably one of the most refreshing beverages I’ve ever had short of water. The citrus/beer combo will be familiar for fans of Radlers, but for this beer, the citrus is added in the brewing process as opposed to being mixed as juice later on. Light and refreshing, it’s a must-try.


Devin Patterson – Dooryard by Picaroons

Summers in Fredericton mean a lot to me, but near the top of my list is my favourite summer beer: Dooryard. Now this beer won’t launch for a little while yet, but it truly is THE summer beer around here. Dooryard is the perfect smooth, golden ale with just a hint of citrusy flavour. It’s easily my favourite Picaroons brew, and I can’t wait to be sipping this bad boy on a number of patios, beaches, and washer toss fields this summer. Bring on the summer, and bring on that sweet, sweet Dooryard.


Mathieu Wong – Éphémère by Unibroue

 Unibroue has proven to be one of my favourite breweries along with Picaroons. One of my first reviews was the Blanch de Chambly, and for this summer-themed panel I’m going down a similar route with the Éphémère. This beverage is a light fruit beer with flavours of granny smith apples, ginger and some cinnamon. It isn’t hard to imagine enjoying this crisp pale gold drink on a warm summer day, and having it available year-round means there is no excuse for not trying it.

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