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RC turns off the lights for coffee house

Now I’ve been to my fair share of coffee houses, even emceed and performed in a few. They have been a highlight throughout my time at Renaissance College, but the one that took place on March 19 was by far my favourite.

Lights Out Coffee House was just that: A coffee house without external power, so all there was for lights was the little that came in through the windows and several LED candles. With no power, this also meant that there were no amplifiers or microphones for any of the performers.

Host and organizer Madeline Kennedy hoped to raise money for the campus community garden at UNB, a project that hopes to be planted in the next year or two. And while the voices at the event may not have been overly loud, the event was a roaring success in my books.

The atmosphere was perfect. If you’ve never been, RC is the perfect place for coffee houses, so check them out next year. The crowd was quiet and attentive, as you really have to be when there are no microphones, making the room even cozier with everyone so close to the stage and to each other.

The darkened stage allowed for some performers who might otherwise be nervous to step up and show their stuff. Without seeing the faces on the crowd, some people had the courage to show off their talents to the respectful crowd. The night had some opera, a Ron Hynes folk song, some improv games and everything in between.

It’s events like this that UNB could use more of, things a little off the beaten path. Not your typical bake sale or Cellar gift card draw type deal, but something with some soul and thought put into it. We all need more events like this where everyone comes away feeling a little inspired.


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