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Head Hall to get security upgrade

Head Hall is the first of many buildings on UNB campus that will update their electronic access security systems.

Since Dec. 1 2014, students wanting to enter Head Hall after 10 p.m. have had to swipe their UCards to access the building.

“The building is wide open and we have a lot of transient people coming in and out of the building after hours. The idea is to make sure the only people within the building are students, staff and faculty,” said Bruce Rogerson, director of UNB security and traffic.

Only certain doors can be accessed with the new system.

“It’s no different; it just forces them to use three or four separate doors. They can’t go in every door,” said Rogerson.

He hopes that this system will eventually be used in every building on campus.

“I think the next building is the Wu Centre and the third one is Marshall d’Avray … [they] are the ones that are open the latest usually,” Rogerson said.

Security upgrades as the Wu Centre are expected to start next year. Rogerson hopes that the new system will reduce the expenses needed to replace stolen equipment.

“Over the last two years we’ve had $20,000 to $30,000 of stuff stolen out of Marshall d’Avray,” said Rogerson.

Rogerson said that the new electronic security system was not put into place to limit students.

“It’s not to restrict their studies or their experiments or everything else. We have found people, non-UNB and everything else, sleeping in the building … it’s about student security.”

UNBSU engineering representative Elizabeth Calvin agrees with the changes.

“It won’t impact engineering students because if they have a valid student ID they can access the building until 2 a.m.,” Calvin said.

“Head Hall doors previously remained open [to all] until 2 a.m. However if you have entered the building before 2 a.m. you were not required to leave. I don’t think that you are now required to leave after 2 a.m.”

Head Hall does not expect see many students after 2 a.m., but those who plan on working later must have special permission.

“Nobody should be in the building after 2 a.m. unless they have a letter from the grad school or the dean saying that they’re working on an experiment and they need to be there,” Rogerson said.


A previous version of this story said that the security system had not yet been implemented at Head Hall. This is incorrect. The system has been running since Dec. 1 2014. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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