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Eight times the faculties expressed confidence in the administratio

  1. When Eduardo Camel said #thedress was white and gold.

  2. When Toby Sacko said #thedress was black and blue.

  3. When one more position was added to the UNB administration: vice-president of I-don’t-know-what-to-do-so-I’m-just-going-to-create-a-committee-to-look-into-it.

  4. When Eduardo Camel proposed that a new porch be added to Sir Howard Douglas Hall.

  5. When the admin gave Marriamm Joonnes her own senior manager of communications.

  6. When the admin hired an external security firm to fix the campus’s roads after the “extraordinary circumstances” of a long winter.

  7. When the admin didn’t use the excuse that “that’s what other universities do.”

  8. When the UNB Act wasn’t under revision.


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  1. scribbling1 Reply

    My own senior manager of communications? Cool. And as usual, I read it first in the Bruns.
    Marrriamm Joonnes

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