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10 things you didn’t know about the HIL

The Harriet Irving Library we all know and love has been hiding a few secrets within its walls.

 1. The employees at Java Moose on the first floor are actually real moose wearing disguises.

 2. The Lord Beaverbrook Room located on the fourth floor of the library was modelled after the Gryffindor common room from the Harry Potter universe.

 3. If you stand in the exact centre of the Milham Room on the first floor and place a book on your head, you will gain any knowledge that book has to offer through osmosis.

 4. If you do the Thriller dance for five minutes straight in the media section on the first floor, Michael Jackson will appear and offer words of wisdom.

 5. The children’s books section is one of Rob Ford’s favourite places to smoke up.

 6. If you listen closely enough you can hear UNB law students quietly crying between the bookshelves.

 7. The Cellar gets all of its recipes from the HIL’s dated cookbooks.

 8. There is exactly one copy of Twilight on every single bookshelf in the library.

 9. There’s actually a sixth floor in the HIL. It contains a boardroom where university administration discusses what sort of UNB scandal should take place next year.

 10. There is enough gum under the desks within the HIL that if you set the individual wads up in a line it would circle the earth. Twice.

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