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Your new UNBSU executive

Incoming UNB Student Union president Katie Davey has three main priorities for 2015-2016: relieving tensions between students and university administration, increasing the Student Union’s presence on campus and executing a green campus strategy.

“We have numerous environment-focused groups on campus, now it’s time to bring them all together to create a plan for UNB. We’re going to bring all stakeholders to the table to develop a plan that will have a lasting impact on campus,” said Davey.

Will MacMackin will be returning in the fall for his second term as vice-president of finance and operations.

“There are a number of changes in the budget that are planned for next year. One of the most significant ones, in my eyes, is an increase in clubs and societies funding which will be getting about a $20,000 boost,” said MacMackin.

Because of this boost, DrinkSmart as well as other services will be receiving an increased budget.

“This year I really looked inside the union itself and its financial processes where I identified some areas that could be improved upon [or] clarified. I plan on following through on this by continuing to look inwards and making the required changes,” MacMackin said.

The next vice-president external will be Travis Daley, a former student council member. Daley has worked with both government officials and non-governmental organizations. He hopes to use his relationships to spread the word about UNB’s successes.

“I want to make sure our community knows the great work students are doing. Whether it be volunteering, fundraising or working with local organizations, students offer a lot to Fredericton, and it is important it is recognized,” said Daley.

In particular, Daley wants to build a network of local businesses that are willing to offer discounts to students.

The UNBSU’s next vice-president internal will be Jesse Reid.

“I believe there should be an appropriate amount of student representation at every decision making table at this university as every decision has a direct effect on students,” Reid said.

In order to accomplish this, Reid plans to advocate for more student representatives on the UNB senate. He also wants to take at look at the structure of student council and reduce its number of members to make it more efficient.

His other priority is mental health.

“I will also look into creating new support staff positions within the UNBSU, like a website manager or a Mental Health Week coordinator,” said Reid. “In addition to all of my plans, I will continue the great work Lee Thomas has done towards mental health initiatives on campus, like further supporting the My Definition campaign.”

Mikayla Donovan, the new vice-president student services, plans to boost school spirit and encourage students to take part within the UNB community.

“I feel that the current services need to be fully reviewed in order to see where improvements can be made,” said Donovan. “I plan to build upon the previous executive councillors’ work on mental health awareness, as well as reworking large events such as concerts to ensure that we bring in artists that are popular with students.”

Donovan hopes to get students talking about Student Union-organized events by means of promotion as well as increased turnout rates.

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