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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Sweet Alcoholic Drinks

Sebastian Maynard – Smirnoff Ice Light

A taste of Smirnoff Ice vaguely reminds of a carbonated fruit drink, such as Orangina, but instead of a nice combination of juice, sparkling water and vodka, Smirnoff Ice comes off like a candy that shouldn’t be given to children because you know they will like it and want more. As I quickly drank my Ice, the comments I expected to hear weren’t actually made about the drink itself, but how people remember it being the first alcohol they ever liked. I suppose we all have to start somewhere.


Adam Travis – Moose Light Radler

Although they’re not quite the same as other wine and hard liquor coolers, Radlers have grown in popularity as a go-to summer drink. Consisting of light beer topped off with citrusy fruit juice, Radlers are a good choice for a casual beer by the pool or around a fire. The key word, though, is causal. I wouldn’t really want to hammer back more than 4-5 of these in a night because that sugar content does catch up to you. Overall though, they’re better than the usual bland offerings in the “light beer” section.


Devin Patterson – Bacardi Breezer: Tropical Orange Smoothie

Well for starters, it was awkward buying just one of these at NB Liquor and nothing else. Drinking the Bacardi Breezer is about as pleasant as buying the drink, as it is about as sugary a drink as you can find. It tastes like Orange Creamsicle, which is great, but man that sugar just drains you of any hydration you had while drinking. If someone bought me a pack I might have a few more, but I can’t say I’ll be drinking these again any time soon.


Mathieu Wong – Woody’s Mexican Lime

I’m certainly not one for sugary drinks, but Woody’s Mexican Lime was not half bad. The Mexican Lime was pretty much just an alcoholic lemonade or limeade that is really sweet and sour to start before turning bitter at the end. The drink almost forces you to take another sip just to keep the refreshing, instead of the bitter, taste around. I’m not sure what makes this flavour of lime particularly Mexican, as I don’t know how many limes from Mexico were actually used in the making of the drink.

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