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Re: “An open letter to the anti-bilingualism Facebook group”

Just a quick note regarding Alec Boudreau’s inflammatory “verbal diarrhoea” piece on bilingualism/duality.

I, like most New Brunswickers, have plenty of francophone friends/associates and without a doubt most are of the opinion that bilingualism/duality/segregation in its current form has hurt this province the past three plus decades. Now, we’re asking for the program to be revisited and modified to be more efficient for our province, which is nearly bankrupt — and being called bigots?

Is your mayor Brad Woodside a bigot? No. He and others are waking up to both the financial and social reality of N.B. in 2015.

He and tens/hundreds of thousands of N.B.-ers are going to see this through regardless of all the unprofessional namecalling from the radicals like Alec.

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  1. ExoticOrchid Reply

    Billeh I agree with what he said about  ” Alec Boudreau’s inflammatory “verbal diarrhoea” piece on bilingualism/duality.” 

  2. JoelCodling Reply

    hey alec, this person may not be able to spell diarrhea but they sure can spot it, you and your friends keep poking fun though, classy bunch that you are 😉

  3. Bob Reply

    100 % bang on.. This province is in a mess , the government is looking for the citizens to tell them how to fix their mismanagement of our money,, and yet .. BILINGUALISM < DUALITY , CORPORATE WEFARE are completely off the table.. They won't even look at them .. There was an excellent example of what it's doing to the province , and especially the younger generations coming out of university… It was an article about BED. leaving the province as soon as they graduate , simply because they don't speak French or are not ' Bilingual " and make no mistake folks , having gone through your entire school career in French Immersion will not classify you as " bilingual " , just ask some of the folks who have tried it , even though the Education Dept gives you the highest ranking… Time to step up and speak out .. There are groups trying to fix the mess , mostly older folks like myself, but we need a lot more participation from the folks like you , who have the energy and wherewithal to speak out and make a difference BEFORE it's too late !!!

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