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UNB law dean cleared of allegations in Florida lawsuit, reports CBC

Chief elements of a Florida lawsuit that included allegations of sexism and harassment by University of New Brunswick law dean Jeremy Levitt have been dismissed, reports the CBC’s Jacques Poitras in a story released today.

The judge hearing the lawsuit against Florida A&M University entered a summary judgment last month in favour of the university. Another lawsuit against Florida A&M that makes unproven allegations about Levitt’s actions is still before the courts in Florida.

David Stonehouse with University of New Brunswick communications said that “UNB is not, obviously, involved in these matters in Florida. As such, we would have no comment.”​


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  1. OneRingtoRuleThemAll Reply

    The Bruns reported a key aspect correctly, the CBC did not. The case was dismissed on a technicality, a late filing. Dismissal of a case does not mean a person or organization was “cleared” or exonerated. It means simply dismissed, in this case on procedural grounds.

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