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From buzz cuts to man buns: The evolution of men’s hair

Girls have always been known for taking care of their hair. Curls, straight, bangs, bobs, dye jobs. But what about guys?

It seems that hair care is becoming a priority for guys. So say goodbye to the buzz cut and the faux hawk.

Tasha Parker is a stylist at Blonde Inc. on King Street. She feels that men’s hair has become important because of TV.

“Guys like what they see on TV and on celebrities. Mad Men is one of those shows that the guys had classic hairstyles so it’s something really trendy.”

Parker, along with Dayna Gaunce and other girls at the salon, recently took a modern barbering course where they learned what is “in” for men’s hairstyles.

“Fades are big right now,” says Gaunce. “Short at the nape and getting longer towards the top. Beards are in. Guys are coming in to get their beards groomed and tidied up. A hard part is also a big trend, where we buzz away extra hair at the part to accentuate it.”

The stylists also said that long hair above the shoulders with waves is a good look, like Jared Leto’s hairdo.

Both stylists said that the man bun, also known as the “topknot” or “mun,” is hot. Some people don’t like it as much as Gaunce and Parker, though.

“Stop the Knot,” which was posted on Derrick Watts and The Sunday Blues’ YouTube channel now has over six million views. The concept of the video involves two guys driving around the city, chopping man buns off and driving away. I was first introduced to the video when someone posted it on my Facebook wall, so I have a feeling that person is not a fan of my man bun either.

Gaunce said that those who have a man bun often have a look that goes with it.

“Grungy or hipster look, with scruff. Maybe tattoos and a v-neck,” she said. “Just carefree.”

Parker explained that more and more guys are going into salons now instead of barbershops, and they are more willing to try new things with their hair.

“Guys are coming in now wanting the full experience of a salon. They want the shampoo and scalp massage. Guys are also the most loyal customers because they’ll buy any product you tell them. They just want it to be easy to do by themselves.”

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