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Calum Jackson continues to impress

Like many musicians, the reason for Calum Jackson’s first musical act was in hopes of getting a girl.

“I got up and played an acoustic song for a girl I was trying to impress,” said Jackson of his first high school performance. “I think that was a big step towards my performances today.”

Jackson can now be found playing every Thursday at the Cinnamon Cafe in downtown Fredericton.

“I’ve always liked performing anything I possibly could, ever since I was very small,” he said.

Jackson began by playing ragtime and jazz standards on his acoustic guitar, but says that his music is changing now that he has begun using an electric guitar.

“I have been playing around with new things. Similar things, but new in some ways,” he explained.

For Jackson, the Cinnamon Cafe performances came about by simply reaching out to the owner of the cafe. It is another example of the openness that is found within the community, both from businesses and artists.

“The musicians in Fredericton are very talented, and also incredibly friendly,” said Jackson. “It’s easy to get together and jam with them.”

Along with his weekly performances, Jackson hopes to finish recording an album before the summer hits. Though he admits that the sound will be somewhat raw and unedited, his hope is that the more he plays and records, the better he will get.

“I am trying to practice playing a lot, performing whenever I get the chance and trying to get my name out there a bit,” said Jackson.

As Jackson begins performing at other venues around the city, the list of people he has impressed will continue to grow.

“Music is certainly a huge part of my life, perhaps the biggest,” he said, and whatever he does in the future, it seems that music will continue to play a prominent role in Jackson’s life.

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