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St. Patty’s Day in Fredericton

It’s clear that there’s only one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Fredericton: by blasting your liver with Guinness stout. So crank the Irish Descendants on the stereo, bust out your favourite Irish t-shirt and go chasing that pot o’ gold.

While Fredericton may not have a tradition of Irish parades like other cities enjoy, we do share with them the noble ritual of drinking green beer from sunrise to sunset on March 17. So it’s suggested that you brace your stomach throughout the day with an assortment of traditional Irish food, as nothing goes better with day drinking than Irish stew and corned beef.

To that end, Fredericton’s pubs and restaurants are planning a hell of a shamrock shindig. Starting on the weekend before, both the Social Club and boom! will be holding events on Saturday the 14th, allowing students to maybe get the festive spirit out of them during the weekend (although who are we kidding, classroom attendance on Saint Patrick’s Day is usually in single digits.)

The real fun will be on Tuesday the 17th, though. Most pubs will be opening at 11 a.m., with The Snooty Fox promising heavy drinking beginning at 11:01 — so we suggest waking up at dawn to get a leg-up on the competition.

For those looking for grub first and foremost, places like Dolan’s Pub will have you covered. Along with food and drink, the bar will feature bands playing throughout the day.

“We’ve got Barry’s Privateers playing in the afternoon; they’ve played this day at Dolan’s for 15 years now,” said a staffer. “Then at night, a great band from Halifax called The Frequency playing until close.”

Vault 29 also promises a good time, with local musicians J.J M.E playing their maritime/Irish rock in the evening, while the restaurant will offer their own unique take on lamb stew and sweet Guinness wings.  The Lunar Rogue will be serving up favorites like Corned Beef & Cabbage and Irish stew, set to the tunes of the band Different Folks.

Klub Khrome will also be offering a celebration for St. Patrick’s Day. The bar will be rocking from 3 p.m. onwards with trivia, prizes, and the ubiquitous green beer.


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