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UNBSU executive candidate bios


Katie Davey

Third-year political science.

Random fact: Pizza is my favorite food group.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I have held various executive positions with many clubs and societies on campus. I’m passionate about change in my community and I’ll work hard to improve dialogue, create a green campus strategy, and revaluate services to better serve students. I’ve had great conversations with students over the past weeks. Let’s work together to build a better UNB.

Why should students vote for you?

I understand the challenges that students face: how hard it can be to balance a full course load and a part-time job. But I also realize how unique and rewarding student life can be. Together, with council and the executive, I want to create a better experience for students.

What issues do you foresee being the UNBSU’s chief concern next year?

When students think of the UNBSU, most of us first think of the services they provide. These are important and will continue to be a central focus. That being said, I expect advocacy to be the chief concern next year. Working with students, and advocating for their rights will be my biggest priority.

Muhammad Khan

Fourth-year biomedical engineering

Random fact: I’m not related to “KHAN Academy”, however, I must say, if one KHAN can do a good job, another KHAN as well.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

Accessibility- Reliability- Integrity: I’m a people’s person; I have a great passion for public service through effective communication with my constituents. I’m experienced with SU governance as a student councillor and have served on three committees. I also gained organizational, team building, critical thinking and problem solving skills while working as a project engineer for Suncor Energy.

 Why should students vote for you?

I’m truly committed towards improving all aspects of student life; therefore, I’ve initiated a series of projects such as, for Academic (Peer tutoring center), Administrative (Parking issues), Social (Campus got talent), Physical (Mr. UNB/ Marathon UNB), Environmental (R3 Project), Food Quality vs. Prices assessment and UNB’s first ever student Food Bank.

 What issue do you foresee being the UNBSU’s chief concern next year?

Advocacy, Transparency and SU Empowerment: With more students’ involvement, the SU carries higher credibility within the university administration. For this purpose I will increase close collaboration with faculty associations, groups and societies, engage councilors, initiate media campaigns, upgrade the SU website for “chat with president,” and initiate personal interaction by extending part of my office hours to the SUB area.

Vice-president External:

Travis Daley

Third-year leadership studies

Random fact: My favorite show is Boy Meets World!

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

My experience. I am a representative on UNBSU Council, I chair City Council’s youth advisory committee, and I have worked with a number of local and national NGOs. Through my community engagement I have developed working relationships with politicians in all levels of government. The knowledge and skills gained doing this that makes me a good candidate.

Why should students vote for you?

I have the passion and the experience needed for this position. I am dedicated to representing students. This is shown clearly in my time on council. In the past weeks I have had the great opportunity to speak with students and hear their concerns. I know that I can create a #betterUNB.

How will you represent the students in various forms of government?

As VP external it would be my duty to take a strong leadership role in both the provincial and federal advocacy groups UNBSU is a part of. A few priorities would be: removing interest on student loans and parental income as a factor in loans and perusing an increase in federal transfer payment to the province.

Dever Pickard

Second-year business administration

Random fact: I am a Lumberjack.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I bring substantial experience to this position from my time in 4-H, a global youth organization with a heavy focus on practical life skills like communications and decision making. Through 4-H I had the opportunity to meet like-minded youth from all around the world as I attended conferences with themes including Citizenship and Sustainability.

Why should students vote for you?

Student Loan Reform. It’s ridiculous to work your butt off all summer and then have all that money subtracted from the size of the loan you’re allowed to get. And it’s even more ridiculous to have any money that you earn working a part time job during the school year taken away as well.

What are your plans for advocacy on all levels of government?

Our provincial government promised student loan reform during their campaign. It’s an issue that is punishing each of us every semester. There are lots of issues facing NB right now, but our government can still stand to be reminded it’s been proven that for every dollar invested in education, the whole province receives a great return on investment.

Jonathan Burns

Third-year history

Random fact: I am the founder and 1st serving President of the UNB Marksmen Club.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I am a god candidate do the position because I have experience tea presenting the outside interests of an organization to politicians and businesses, doing so in behalf of the UNB Marksmen Club.

Why should students vote for you?

I am experienced, I am more than capable, and I am someone with real world experience.

What are your plans for advocacy on all levels of government?

I plan to advocate on amendments to the integrated national student loans on the federal and provincial levels, and push for cheaper fares and more convenience scheduling for students in regards to mass transit within the city.

Vice-president Internal

Jesse Reid

Third-year computer science

Random fact: I’m from the French Fry Capital of the World!

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I have acquired a wealth of experience from volunteering in various aspects of the UNBSU during the past three years. I spent the past year advocating for student’s interests as the Computer Science Rep on council.  I’m a meticulous and driven individual that’s committed to making this campus a better place for students.

Why should students vote for you?

I have student’s best interests at heart. Part of my platform is I noticed that volunteer numbers and student engagement is low, so I want to better reward student volunteers for their time and effort. Subsequently, with more volunteers, the student union can provide better services and events for students.

How do you plan on improving academic policy at UNB?

As VP Internal it will be my responsibility to review the university-wide academic regulations and advocate for students on UNB’s senate. I plan on improving the current student representation on senate, as it currently stands at about eleven administration/faculty members for every student, which is an unacceptable ratio.

Adam McAvoy

Second-year kinesiology

Random fact: I enjoy watching documentaries (history, political, cultural) in my spare time (if I have any). In the words of Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power.”

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I would make an excellent candidate for the position of VP Internal because of the experiences that I have obtained from my being a student senator on the UNB Fredericton Senate, the UNBSU council, and from volunteer experiences, which have been organized by the former VP Internal.

Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me due to my experiences on Senate and Council as well as the familiarity that I possess with the roles and responsibilities that accompany the position of VP Internal. I plan to continue and add to the great efforts of Lee Thomas, former VP Internal.

How do you plan on improving academic policy at UNB?

I plan on improving academic policies at this university through meetings with all parties of interest: students, staff, and administrators. With an increased dialogue and a restoration of confidence as well as trust in this university, UNB can shine brighter as a national and international institution of academia.

David Hickey

David Hickey did not submit his academic information or a random fact.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

Experience and dedication. I feel as though I am the best-suited candidate for this position because of my experience. Currently I’m pursuing a co-op as the HR Coordinator at Mission Hill Family Estate Winery in the magnificent Okanagan Valley. Experiences like this are only what we need more of at UNB.

Why should students vote for you?

Advocacy. I would be the strongest advocate on council for student’s interests.  It’s time that the Student Union develops a respectful and constructive relationship with UNB Executive. Which can only start with getting students involved and invested, then we can be taken seriously. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, @DavidHickeyUNB.

How do you plan on improving academic policy at UNB?

Co-op.  I think the best way to improve academic policy at UNB is increasing the Co-op opportunities. Co-op opportunities not only give us valuable work experience, it gives us an education that can’t be paralleled in the classroom. It can only make UNB students more educated and more employable.


Vice-president Finance

Sienna Belliveau

Second-year business administration

Random fact: I was on a television show called Splatalot (teen version of Wipeout).

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

I am great at multi-tasking such as when it comes to overseeing the running of revenue-based services. I can time manage effectively with multiple projects happening whether it be the cash budget cycle or administering funding requests. I accept criticism well and can adapt. I am friendly and outgoing!

Why should students vote for you?

I want to contribute what I can to as much as I can: clubs, societies, and to the members of the Student Union and their projects. I was on Student Council in high school for four years. I am familiar working in teams and as a leader.

How do you plan on ensuring that student funds are being used effectively?

I will ensure that money spent will be in a manner that not only adheres to the by-laws but also provides maximum benefit to the students and their experiences (social and academic). The money belongs to the students. It will be my job to guarantee it is administered to benefit them.

Will MacMackin

4th year business, majoring in accounting and finance

Random fact: When I was 5, King Louie from the Jungle Book stole my Winnie the Pooh hat at Disney Land; I have yet to watch that movie.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

If re-elected, I will be able to use the summer more effectively as I am already familiar with the requirements of the position. I’m a Dean’s List student and have proven my ability to maintain my high academic standards while executing the duties of VP F&O with the same effort and dedication. Experience counts.

Why should students vote for you?

I plan on doing a comprehensive review of the Union’s internal controls to ensure that student funds are spent more responsibly now, and in the future. I also wish to implement a new budget line that will enable clubs and societies to access promotional support from the Student Union.

How do you plan on ensuring that student funds are being used effectively?

I oversaw the entire process of the student fee increase; I created the frameworks on which the increase was voted. As such, I have a very comprehensive understanding of how the current student council envisions seeing student funds spent under the new fee structure.

Vice-president Student Services

Mikayla Donovan

Third-year kinesiology

Random fact: I climbed the Great Wall of China on the hottest day in over 50 years.


What makes you a good candidate for this position?

Being a past president of Lady Beaverbrook Residence and a current proctor, I have experience in planning events and services for students. Being a proctor has taught me excellent time management skills, allowing me to manage a multitude of problems and to organize great events!


Why should students vote for you?

I want to improve on-campus involvement and communication to ensure that students are receiving the services that they need and enjoy. By keeping an open door policy, I hope that students will feel comfortable with bringing their opinions and ideas to me for discussion.


What service do you plan to focus on most?

There are many services that are available on campus that students are currently unaware of. Instead of focusing on specific issues, I want to first get input from the students on where they want expansions and improvements.

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