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UNB grad prepares for comedy festival

“My degree in computer science was mostly to make the parents happy. It’s my safe degree,” said Maddox Campbell.

Campbell graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2009. Now living in Toronto, he is pursuing his passion of acting and writing. While his bachelor of arts in English with a minor in theatre makes sense with his current career in comedy, his bachelor in computer science may seem a little odd.

“I was always the good kid in school, not the class clown. After I started script writing, I realized that I was funnier than I thought I was.”

Along with writing, Campbell does improv and sketch comedy and has dabbled in stand up. At the beginning of March he will take part in Toronto’s Sketch Comedy Festival.

“Sketch groups from all over Canada come together and present sketches that they’ve been working on. They get paired with another group so you get to see two shows that have totally different content.”

He and his group Interrobang are excited as they have new material and have been doing small shows to help prepare for the event.

“We’ve been putting in a lot of work for the festival, so we’re excited.”

While at UNB, Campbell performed in a number of Theatre UNB productions as well as appearing in a few local films.

On top of getting ready for Toronto’s Sketch Comedy Festival, Campbell has been producing his own improv show and recently starred in a full length improv movie.

Since graduating, Campbell has not used his computer science degree but says it’s been useful.

“It has helped me think. It makes me think of things in a certain way which is great for creating comedy.”

Campbell’s Youtube channel, Kicks and Giggles Films, has a long list of sketches and improv videos for any taste in comedy. He says it’s also a good spot to see his work with Interrobang.

“Since a lot of people from New Brunswick won’t be able to make it to the festival, it’s a good place to see the kind of shows we do.”

For those who may be in the Toronto region during March Break, Campbell will be performing March 5 and 8 at 1115 Queen St. West.

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