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Review for Secco, dean search raised at senate

UNB vice-president academic Tony Secco may need to undergo a performance review if a motion at senate passes next month.

Senator David Lentz moved in a senate meeting last Tuesday that the senate request that “the UNB Board of Governors commission an independent review of the performance of the UNB vice-president academic (Dr. Anthony Secco) over the past three academic years.”

The motion was moved to the March senate meeting to allow for more discussion.

The review would include Secco’s “interactions with the student body he represents and his decisions regarding academic and academic administrative staffing … at UNB.”

Lentz referenced Secco’s responses to questions in past senate meetings, calling them “incomprehensible” and added that “many inside and outside senate realize that the [vice-president academic] may not fully understand all his roles at UNB.”

Secco underwent a performance review about two years ago before he began his second term but some senators felt that the strike and law school fiasco that have transpired over the past two years warrant another performance review.

“A lot has happened in two years. There was the strike and the law faculty situation … it’s very different from two years ago,” said student senator Edward Choi.

Other senators voiced concerns that they didn’t feel comfortable voting during the current senate meeting and wanted a chance to discuss the motion with their constituents.

The motion will be put to vote at the March senate meeting.

A motion by student senator Choi requesting that the senate affirm a review of the dean search process, in light of the issues surrounding new dean of law Jeremy Levitt, was also moved to be discussed in a later meeting of senate, this time a closed senate meeting that will take place in March.

The closed senate meeting was petitioned by student senator Lyle Skinner and passed to the university secretariat office on Monday. The topic of this meeting is to discuss a review of the senate search committee.

Choi’s motion will also be brought up at that time.

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