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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Snow day snacks

Sebastian Maynard – Campbell’s Soup

 The prototypical storm food, the non-perishable cans of soup in your pantry should be given their moment to shine during a snowstorm. Over the years the different varieties of soups have expanded, but I personally recommend sticking to the classics. Maybe a Chicken Noodle, maybe Tomato, combine this with a sandwich and some crackers and you have a meal that will warm you up and perhaps remind you of the snow days of your childhood.


Adam  Travis – Carnation Hot Chocolate

Like snow forts, TV binge watching and a total disregard for any responsibilities, Carnation Hot Chocolate has always been a key component of any snow day. This unassuming powder is a great go-to because it keeps things simple, unlike other hot chocolates that complicate the process with candy bar flavours or lackluster add-ins like those tiny marshmallows. With the basic Carnation powder you can substitute in milk for water, throw in some fluffy marshmallows or splash in a dash or two of Baileys – it leaves the creative control in your hands.


Devin Patterson – Picaroons Best Bitter

One of the staples of the Picaroons brand, Best Bitter will get you through any weather event and won’t leave you feeling bitter about it. The beer has a strong but creamy and dark flavour, with a slightly bitter finish that will leave you ready to shovel, clear off your car, or just chill out and watch Suits on Netflix. I would pair this storm beer with some nice salty storm chips, though the flavour is up to you.


Mathieu Wong – Storm Chips

Chips are the easiest things to snack on as well as having the most variety in flavour, which undoubtedly makes them the best things to munch on at anytime, especially when stuck indoors by a snowstorm. Everyone has their own favourite flavour, but style-wise Covered Bridge is hands down the best, followed by Old Dutch. If you want salt and vinegar, smoky BBQ, dill, or jalapeno cheddar, these two chip brands have it all. Partnered with some good Picaroons you’ll be wishing it snowed every day.


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