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Business faculty reaffirms non-confidence in UNB admin, freedom of expression

The Faculty of Business reaffirmed a motion of non-confidence in the senior management of UNB on Friday.

In a special meeting of the business faculty council, a motion was tabled to reaffirm that it has “lost confidence in the senior management of UNB to administer the university in ways consistent with our proud heritage … the tradition of collegial governance and strong commitment to the core mission of the university.”

The motion passed with 17 votes in favour and one abstention. It reaffirmed a non-confidence motion that passed on March 28, 2014.

The preamble to last Friday’s motion read “there have been, however, no real substantive responses to faculty concerns regarding the current and future directions of the university and no significant initiatives from the [University Management Committee] that might lead to positive change. “

Concerns of the faculty included UNB’s surplus funds that are kept in restricted accounts, the continuous creation of senior administrative positions and the hiring process for faculty and dean positions.

It also called to questions the senior administration’s leadership in the ongoing law faculty issues, stating that “No senior administrator has been held to account for the widespread expressions of non-confidence nor for the more recent damage to UNB through the inadequate handling of issues at the Law School.”

A motion affirming freedom of expression was also passed at the meeting in response to the defeated motion at the Feb. 3 Senate meeting. In the motion, the Faculty of Business moved that it “affirms and advocates for the right of university members to speak freely about issues that affect them without fear of repercussions from peers, faculty, staff or administration.”

It also advocated for student involvement in the “resolution of matters affecting student wellbeing and the quality of education delivered at UNB.”

The motion passed unanimously. The motion to “affirm and advocate” for the right of university members to speak freely failed in a tie vote at the Feb. 3 Senate meeting.

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