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Music on the Hill to commemorate War of 1812

Brad Parker / The Brunswickan

Brad Parker / The Brunswickan

On Sunday, Feb. 22, the Atlantic Sinfonia will be performing at Memorial Hall as part of the Music on the Hill series that has been taking place throughout the school year.

“We try and build in enough variety that people who do not come to the whole series can still find some things that interest them,” explained director of the Centre for the Arts, Richard Hornsby.

“We focus on presentations that would not otherwise happen in Fredericton or the region, and some that are a bit more cutting-edge,” he said.

The latest performance will feature a wind octet commemorating the end of the War of 1812. Along with actual battle music being played, war imagery will be projected on screens.

“The Atlantic Sinfonia is an established group of major musicians from the region. This form of it is quite unique as it is a wind octet — not often heard,” said Hornsby.

When looking at the past, such as a war, music is often an afterthought and not viewed as something that can teach us about history.

“Seldom do we hear the music that was created around or in response to a historical event,” he said. “It helps put the event in a social context of what was going on at the time. A different way of understanding our history.”

This will be the fifth feature concert of the Music on the Hill series. With one happening every month, Hornsby says that the turnout and response so far has been great.

“We have worked on making our presentations more relevant to the UNB population lately. Some are more broad appeal and others are directed a bit more specifically to a subject area. In the case of this concert, military and naval history.”

As Hornsby admits, “students these days are often unaccustomed to sitting through traditional classical concerts.”

“It is harder for young people now to gain access to quality classical music live and many come to university without having had that experience.”

The hope is that UNB will be able to change that.

“Through these concerts and our performing ensembles at UNB we are trying to do our part to backfill the lack of exposure at earlier ages,” said Hornsby.

“The university years are a time to try something different and at UNB students have access to high quality concerts at a really reduced price.”

Tickets will cost $10 for students and $25 for the general public.

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