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Enough about UNB law

As a third year UNB Law student I’d like to weigh in with a pretty controversial opinion on the whole Ludlowgate scandal or whatever it’s being called now.

I don’t care.

While I definitely care about my education, and the quality thereof, this whole scandal has passed the point of relevance to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one. My classes are now going ahead on a regular schedule, I have no concerns that I won’t be graduating at the end of the year and I don’t believe my degree will be tarnished to any extent by the “crisis” going on today.

I’m tired of seeing UNB Law on the front page of CBC.ca/nb every day. I have no interest in talking to CBC journalists in our front lobby, regardless of whether or not the LSS told me not to. I’m getting sick of everyone and their dog’s opinion posted on the Brunswickan every day about our law school. By saying this I’m not trying to prevent a person’s “right to write,” but I am saying we’ve come to a point where it apparently has become acceptable to refer to the “rank and file” law students such as myself as “Tony Soprano and his thugs” and this needs to end. Move on and find something else to talk about. The students we have representing our law school in the Senate, the LSS, and everywhere else at UNB are some of the highest quality individuals I know and have represented us admirably.

I know that there are some serious allegations against our dean from his old school in Florida. I’m aware there are new allegations being brought up today. Those things are out of my control, and frankly, will not have much of an impact on me or my career in the long run. During this whole fiasco I’ve cared more about “deflate gate” and the SuperBowl than I’ve cared about any of those issues. We have an extremely competent individual in acting dean John Williamson handling the situation and I have all confidence that he will.

UNB Law’s faculty has just a bit over 300 people, staff and students. That’s it. Since I started law school I’m on my third (or fourth, depending on how you’re counting) dean and I’ve been through a labour dispute that almost cancelled our entire second semester. I just don’t care anymore about this “crisis” (as the CBC calls it) regarding the “Crown Jewel of UNB” (as President Eddy Campbell calls it). I just want to write my exams, get my degree and start my articles. I don’t care about Ludlowgate anymore and I know there are a lot of students in my position as well.


-Allan Mason

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