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Battle of the bands overcomes obstacles

Adam Travis / The Brunswickan

Adam Travis / The Brunswickan

Even though the kitchen is closed on Saturday nights at The Cellar Pub, it’s still always a good spot to spend your evening. Especially when there’s live music.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Cellar hosted a Battle of the Bands, campus edition. The event was originally meant to feature around seven bands, but due to reasons unknown, only 3 acts showed up. Despite this, the snow storm and no-shows were not going to be the end of the night.

The acts that did show up gave their best performances, and rightfully collected a prize.

The first two sets were acoustic performances by two lads: Connor and Travis. The two musicians put out a great sound, combining their instrumental talent with some impressive vocals. Both were missing a key component to win Battle of the Bands though: an actual band.

This gave the third act, a full band named Rusty Trees, a real chance at the top spot. The band started their set with an “Uptown Funk” cover that got the crowd into it, before going on to play other crowd favourites, such as “Fix You” by Coldplay.

The Rusty Trees ultimately won the event, but not without the crowd chanting their name and a final decision maker coming in the form of a pushup contest. The event and organizers were forced to adapt, but were able to pull it off.

Though the bands didn’t show, the three acts still played well into the evening creating a great atmosphere. The event was a true showcase of Maritimes spirit, with the musicians and The Cellar patrons turning the evening into a great time for all.

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