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UNB law will rise again

Without a doubt, anyone in New Brunswick has heard about the recent challenges at UNB Law.  My colleagues and I on the Senate and the Students’ Union have often been quoted negatively in the media.  Students, faculty, administrators and representatives often have different views on issues, but let me share with you this: each and every person I have spoken to, whatever their views, loves this law school and cares deeply about it.  We all want UNB Law to succeed and move forward.  I can sense that.  That is why there are the differences of opinions, and that is why we are all so genuinely concerned.  That is also the spirit that will move us all forward.

No individual or institution has been without its struggles, and UNB Law is not immune.  But just like a flu, UNB Law will get through this.  Last Thursday, the Law Students’ Society president and the new interim associate dean announced to the law school that it is “business as usual” and that they would love to hear any of the students’ concerns.  That is true leadership, and I think the interim associate dean and the LSS should be commended by all.

Of course, there are still outstanding issues at the university level, and those will be dealt with.  We will continue to monitor that.  Nevertheless, UNB Law has made a big recovery in a short period of time.  I am almost certain that within the coming weeks, we will be close to a full recovery.  Just as they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” I do not think there is any other way to describe the situation.  Together, we will move forward and UNB Law will once again be the shining crown jewel of the university, the province, and our nation.


– Edward Choi, Student Senator and final year law student, UNB

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