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Songs of the week

Action Bronson – “Big League Chew”

Coming in at just around two minutes, Action Bronson’s latest single is the carefree, light-hearted rap sound that the New York rapper has been honing since he came on the scene about five years ago. On the Alchemist-produced track, Bronson raps about ice skating, Russian barbers and vacation destinations. While a lot of hip-hop these days is focused on deep stories and feelings, there are still a few MCs that are sticking to the old school style of simply making outrageous claims overtop smooth, jazzy samples. While Bronson may not be in the talks for greatest lyricist or rapper of all time, there is something to be said for the fun music that he puts out.

Modest Mouse – “The Best Room”

Though Modest Mouse’s upcoming album, Strangers to Ourselves, has been pushed back two weeks, and the rumoured collaborations with Big Boi and Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic have turned out to be untrue, the band has just released a new song, titled “The Best Room.” The new track has the distinctive Modest Mouse sound, mostly thanks to the recognizable voice of lead singer Isaac Brock and the upbeat, catchy structure that has allowed Modest Mouse to last almost 20 years. There are clever verses and some deeper social issues found in the lyrics, but perhaps the most relatable part of the song (for university students at least) is when Isaac laments how hard it is being tired all the time.


Savvie – “Dreams of Surrender”

Savannah Leigh Wellman, better known as Savvie, put out her debut album this week, and one of the highlights off the record is “Dreams of Surrender.” The track builds itself around a spaghetti western sounding guitar, high-pitched with a twang and sense of foreboding. The steady thump of a bass drum and Savvie’s slightly distorted vocals continue the feeling until the song culminates with her howling like a wolf at the moon while the guitar does the talking. By the end of the song, it doesn’t sound like it belongs in a western anymore, it doesn’t really fit in any category. Some of the tracks on the album are electro-heavy, others sound like rock and roll. Savvie is still figuring out where she fits in, but moments like “Dreams of Surrender” show that she will find her place.


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