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Senate result disappointing

I want to express my thanks to Emma McPhee for her fair and concise coverage of the motion put forth by Student Senators Lee Thomas, Lyle Skinner and Edward Choi asking Senate to affirm UNB students’ rights to freedom of expression when it concerns their well-being on campus.  I attended the Senate meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2015, as an observer along with many of my faculty colleagues, and while I understand the importance of maintaining privacy with respect to employer-employee relations which can be delicate and complex, it was clear to me that students want to ensure that when such relations become tricky that they can and will remain informed about the potential cancellation of classes, changes in instructors, and other academic matters relevant to their own degree program, especially as it impacts degree completion and the job search process.  I know that many of my colleagues were disappointed that the motion put forth did not pass.  It is worth noting that it failed to pass because it was a tie vote, which indicates how many senators did support the motion (22 to be exact!).  I, for one, do not want UNB students to feel that they cannot ask questions and express their opinions for fear of sanction.  Indeed, for many of us, such a principle is imbedded in our teaching practice and is a fundamental part of higher education.


– Jennifer Andrews, Professor and Chair, Department of English

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