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Leo Hayes first school in North America to perform Loserville

We live in a world where most of us have always been surrounded by the internet. But what if you lived in a time where the internet didn’t exist and you were the one who was about to make this great discovery? This is the journey of one young man in Loserville.

Loserville is a musical put on by the Leo Hayes drama club. Loserville tells the story of Michael Dork, a computer geek who is on the verge of creating the internet, all while falling in love. The show takes place in the ‘70s with music that’s entirely contemporary.

Kathy VanGenne is the show’s director. He says that they have been rehearsing every Saturday since the beginning of the school year and is excited for the last few practices they have until show day.

“With our rehearsals being eight hours on Saturdays, we get to work on everything while we’re there. We just have a few more things to go over and then we get to go to The Playhouse and put it all together.”

Just coming off the West End, Leo Hayes is the first school in North America to have the rights to the musical.

“This show is so new. Shows like Les Miserable and The Sound of Music have names attached to them, the shows have been around for years and have won tons of awards,” said Lucas Gutierrez-Robert, who plays the role of Michael.

“Audiences won’t have expectations,” says VanGenne. “I want the kids to have a great audience for every show but I’m always worried about how many people may come out.”

VanGenne adds that this show has video and projection elements that the school has never used in a show.

“The scenes in this show are great visually. It’s a tight, quick show because I don’t want people to be exhausted.”

Gutierrez-Robert is proud of the work his fellow cast put into the show. He knows that the crowd will be able to see that in their performance.

“We’re a very professional group. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on choreography and ensemble work. Everything is very polished. That’s what brings people out to our show year after year.”

The show runs Feb 11-14 at The Playhouse.

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