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Gallery 78 aims to educate with newest exhibit

Gallery 78 is unveiling its newest exhibit and with it may come a little printmaking fun.

The Art of Printmaking opens Feb. 13. Gallery manager Germaine Pataki-Theriault says that this exhibit will be something that people can learn from.

“Usually, people walk around the gallery quietly and get to take everything in on their own. But with this exhibit, we like to engage with our customers and explain the different kinds of printmaking and the history behind it.”

This group exhibition will show the different ways of printmaking by different artists. Etching, wood blocks and silk screen are just a few methods to produce a print. Ann Manuel, Bruno Bobak, Steven Rhude, Robert Rutherford, Charlotte Jones, Christine Koch and Francis Wishart are just a few of the artists on exhibit.

Along with each piece of art, there are pictures of the artists at work as well as the instruments used to help create the piece, such as etching plates. The gallery puts on an exhibition about printmaking annually and this one shows off some of their newer work.

Pataki-Theriault says that the East Coast has a great history with this medium.

“Printmaking is about creating originals. They show hard work. Mount Allison has a history of printmaking. They have great professors and artists that come out of there. Acadia is another example.”

Pataki-Theriault thinks that students should drop into the gallery and discover printmaking as it is something they can afford.

“If you have a few dollars, and you like art, you can put it towards a piece you like. It’s great for students because these prints are pretty reasonable.”

Along with snacks and drinks at the exhibition opening, Gallery 78 will be giving out beads, as Mardi Gras will be just around the corner.

“It’s the right timing with all the snow we’ve been having. It’s a mid-winter break, a night to have a good time.”

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