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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Cheap Champagne

Sebastian Maynard – Martini & Rossi Sparkling Wine

Martini & Rossi is a classic liquor brand that is perhaps best known for the vermouth found in most martinis. While I love martinis, as well as sparkling wine, I found the Martini & Rossi Asti Sparkling Wine too sweet. In order to make the most of the liquor, it was decided to put the rest of it in orange juice and have some mimosas. The drink became a refreshing and tasty way to start the morning, plus it had those essential vitamins that orange juice provides.


Adam Travis – Spumante Bambino

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much at all from the $9 Spumante Bambino. Not technically champagne, but “sparkling wine,” it says on the back it’s perfect “for life’s lighter moments.” With a 7 per cent alcohol percentage, it certainly is light, but what it lacks in punch it makes up for in being very, very drinkable — even after it’s warmed up a bit. If getting drunk is your end goal, look someplace else. But, if you’re looking for a drink to set the mood without leaving you sleepy and slurring your words, this is about as good as you can get for the price.


Devin Patterson – President Grande Reserve Canadian Dry Champagne

I bought this bottle purely based on the name, and the fact that it wasn’t too pricey. As its description on the bottle says, the drink has a really dry grape taste, but don’t be fooled by the President thing; no president would touch this with a four foot pole. I couldn’t handle any more than a glass of this stuff, but if you’re looking for a fairly cheap option and want to seem kind of classy, have at ‘er. Though, there are definitely some better cheap champagnes out there.


Mathieu Wong – Andres Baby Canadian Sparkling

The excitement for this champagne was at its height while popping the bottle open and watching in horror as the flying cork nearly broke my TV screen. Maybe that should have been a sign, as things quickly became worse when I learned that this would be an $8.99 purchase I would never be able to return. There is just nothing good about this drink, I’m sorry but no redeeming qualities at all.

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