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Investigator brought in to address new allegations against Dean Jeremy Levitt

The University of New Brunswick has reached out to an external investigator for help in resolving recent issues at the law school, including unproven “allegations of harassment” against Dean Jeremy Levitt.

Law professor emeritus Neil Gold was brought in by the university to interview all parties concerned with the recent issues in the law faculty.

“When we receive allegations of harassment, we treat them seriously. In this case, we’ve asked a highly regarded and experienced individual in Neil Gold to come and interview people involved,” said UNB spokesman David Stonehouse.

According to documents obtained by the CBC, the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers made the allegations on behalf of law professors. Miriam Jones of the AUNBT told the Brunswickan she could not comment on active grievances.

None of the allegations have been proven.

Gold will report his findings confidentially to UNB vice-president academic Tony Secco.

“Once he has those findings, Dr. Secco will determine what action is required to ensure a respectful and collegial work environment at the law school,” said Stonehouse.

These allegations of harassment come after it had recently been revealed that Levitt is facing allegations of harassment, sexism and threats of violence from two former colleagues at Florida A&M University College of Law.

These allegations have not been proven either and UNB denies having any knowledge of the allegations during Levitt’s hiring process.

Levitt is currently on an unexplained leave of absence only four months after he began working at UNB.

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  1. OneRingtoRuleThemAll Reply

    It has nothing to do with this case, but it’s interesting that the CBC, under freedom of information disclosure, just found that UNB under-reported sexual assault cases that have occurred. It was not a minor error, from 1 to 11. Disinformation on that matter, stonewalling information on the law school situation. Memo to Eddy, you have a serious governance problem at a minimum beyond whatever happens at Ludlow.

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