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Picking yourself back up

There’s something about picking yourself up after you were down so harshly that no other feeling in life can compare to. I wish I could tell you that when I decided to fight obesity, my weight went down and never went up again. I wish I could say that the whole “changing is easy, it’s not changing back that’s difficult” thing isn’t a cliché. But it’s something we need to go through. Every time we see the underdog win or a come-from-behind victory, it’s invigorating. Weight loss is the same thing because you’re always an underdog. That’s the beauty in this goal; you always come from behind to win.

Like anyone who wants to lose weight or reach a goal, I’ve given up. I’ve fallen behind on my fitness, regained weight I thought I lost forever, and as quick as I had started believing, lost faith.

I try to live by the thought that “adversity exists solely so we can overcome it.” After all, if you aren’t overcoming adversity, what are you doing?

Look at the Canadian women who won hockey gold in Sochi, the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series win or Heather Dorniden falling during a track race but getting up and winning. It’s just as glorious when you make the comeback against yourself.

A few years ago, I met the best group of people I ever competed in sports with. Unfortunately this running team fell apart with a change of management and some harsh words put towards me concerning my weight. Many of us gave up on the team that suddenly represented the demise of encouragement I thrived on. Recently, I decided I was too mature to simply “quit,” so I made my comeback regardless of immediately being shunned by management as soon as I walked through the door. I’m not the most competitive person when it comes to running, but it’s not always about a medal or being asked to compete at a higher level. I’m there, and to me, I’ve already won regardless. The only person that really lost was the overweight, self-loathing self that gives up and sits on the couch — because that wasn’t me anymore.

I think of times I gave up, put weight back on, and stopped working out. I think of the people I tried to impress but never had respect from regardless of my size. There will always be those challenges in life. When I came back from dark times, I not only loved myself for knowing I could overcome these problems, I loved knowing I could overcome them multiple times. The one thing better than accomplishing the biggest goal you ever set out for yourself is knowing it wasn’t a fluke.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place” —unknown


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