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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: East Coast beers

Sebastian – Alpine Lager

Really only one word comes to mind when drinking Alpine: average. There is nothing memorable about this beer, and if you are drinking it, it probably isn’t for the taste. Having the beer cold is essential to making the beverage somewhat manageable, and buying the beer when it comes with a free t-shirt or other giveaway makes the beer go down so much smoother.


Adam – Molson Canadian

Molson’s flagship lager, Canadian, is a typical mass-produced beer — nothing special. Any hope for a tasty, flavourful beer is washed away at first sip. It’s sort of like carbonated water with a splash of beer. Keep it cold and it’s not bad as a “cold beer on a hot day” drink. Be careful though, if you let it warm up at all, it goes downhill fast. When warm, it takes on a skunky “warm beer” taste that is anything but refreshing. Overall it’s pretty standard for mass-produced beer, and if you keep it cold and drink it fast, it’s a decent beer for a hot summer night, or for an $11 pitcher.



Devin Patterson – Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

This beer is the pride of Nova Scotia for a reason. Throughout my evening with this fine drink I was again surprised to how flavourful and easy drinking it was. I want to say it has a hoppy taste, but I’m not a true beer connoisseur. All I know is that it is perfect for any kind of maritime gathering.



Mathieu Wong – Moosehead Lager

Being from the oldest independent brewery in Canada, Moosehead claims to be driven by “Quality and Tradition.” In New Brunswick it is easy to find on tap and can usually be found on special for those equally-as-popular pitchers.  The beer itself is good, not expensive but a better quality than most commercial beers. It is slightly hoppy while staying sweet to maintain its refreshing qualities. When first poured it almost appeared flat, but when taking a sip it became very active, leaving the tongue dry and acting as incentive for more, proving that this lager is very carbonated. It doesn’t have much flavour compared to other lagers I have had, but the sweetness and hop bitterness make up for that.


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