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UNB students look for film funding

Combining education with hands-on experience is something that universities are not always known for, but one UNB class is getting the best of both worlds.

EvenMarks Media Productions, also known as MACC 4001 Advanced Production, is currently in the pre-production period of their film “The Last Take.”

Recent UNB graduate Alex Donovan wrote the script, originally written for Rob Gray’s short film class.

“When I first wrote it, it was dark and edgy. Then I met with Douglas Glover [2013 Artist-in-Residence] and he told me to make the film more real.”

“The Last Take” is a short drama and takes audiences through the struggles of a young man as he attempts to fill the void left by the death of his older brother. When his sister pays him a visit, she forces him to deal with his feelings.

The script was auctioned off and Donovan no longer has much control over it. But for the six students in EvenMarks Media Productions, this is just the beginning.

They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help with the production of the film.

Elizabeth Sterritt is the assistant director and producer of the film. She hopes they will collect the $1,500 they are asking for.

“We just launched the campaign and so far so good. But we do have a ways to go as of now. We are confident that we will reach our goal with the continued support of the community.”

Money raised from the campaign will help rent equipment, pay actors, get the film distributed and buy food for cast and crew. The crowd-funding page is open until Feb. 13.

Donovan says that the class is currently working on shot lists and auditions and the shooting should begin at the end of February. Sterritt says everything is moving along smoothly.

“We are in the process of casting our actors. We have a few more weeks of pre-production before we start filming. In all, it’s going very well and we are very excited to get filming.”

Donovan mentioned that the class was hoping to eventually submit it to film festivals, like Silver Wave, and get it listed on IMDb.

“This is a great opportunity for people to support a group of students who are in their final year of film and will be using this project to kickstart their career.”

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