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Banff Mountain Film Festival returns to Fredericton

Michael Maynard/The Brunswickan

Michael Maynard/The Brunswickan

The Banff Mountain Film Festival will be making a stop in Fredericton on Jan. 30 and 31, hosted for the second year in a row at The Fredericton Playhouse.

Terry Melanson is vice president external for the UNB Rock and Ice Club, the group that runs the festival in Fredericton. He explains why the festival recently moved to the Playhouse.

“Year after year, the festival would be sold out on campus. We would have people sitting in the aisles and that would break fire codes. So last year, for our 20th anniversary, we decided to host it at the Playhouse.”

The Playhouse also boosted revenue and interest in town. Melanson said that they are already close to selling out both nights.

For $15 a night, viewers get to see a series of short films along with two or three longer films. Melanson describes the films as funny and cool adventures.

“There’s a great mix of films. And Then We Swam is the story of two guys who have no rowing experience who decide to travel a long distance. Then, the boat flips over. Suffer Fest 2 is the story of two guys biking from one climate to another and suffering through it. It might sound serious but they are actually a funny duo.”

The festival used to have a certain crowd that it attracted: 20-40 year olds who are active. But with their move to the Playhouse last year, Melanson said that more people are coming out to see the films.

“There’s a whole mix of people. We see families with young children and we also see older people come out.”

The UNB Rock and Ice Club has been around for almost 30 years. Their long history on campus is to promote climbing, and they have different classes and events throughout the year. The film festival is a fundraiser for the group.

Melanson believes everyone should come to the festival as they will not only get to see great films, but their perspective of things may change.

“When people leave the theater, they look inspired. They want to live more active lifestyles or get out and go on an adventure.”

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