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Aphex Twin— “Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]”

Aphex Twin’s Syro is only a couple of months old, but the UK producer has decided to keep the music coming after his 13-year hiatus. On Jan. 23 he released Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2, which features as its opening track “Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix].” The song starts off sounding like it belongs in a 1980s spy thriller, but soon expands to feature a hip-hop inspired drum machine and chiming bells that redefine the mood of the song as it progresses.


Bob Dylan— “Stay With Me”

On Feb. 3, Bob Dylan will be releasing Shadows in the Night, a ten-song album that will consist entirely of Frank Sinatra covers. Dylan will be performing tracks like “Some Enchanted Evening,” “Full Moon and Empty Arms,” and the recently released “Stay With Me.” While Dylan wouldn’t be able to match Sinatra’s voice at the best of times, he is able to make the track his own with a pedal steel and a refrained strumming guitar. Dylan’s voice carries a raspy-ness that he has acquired with old age, though traces of his old distinctive voice creep in from time to time.


Pops Staples — “Somebody Was Watching”

A year before his death in 2000, Pops Staples recorded his final tracks, which will finally be released in February of this year. Staples’s daughter and her collaborative partner, Jeff Tweedy, put the album together. The record will see Tweedy playing the bass, while his 18-year-old son provided the drums. On “Somebody Was Watching,” an era of gospel singers and twangy guitars are brought to a modern audience. Don’t Lose This is due out on Feb. 17 and it will certainly be worth a listen. I mean, look at the album artwork. It’s great.


Tobias Jesso Jr.— “How Could You Babe”

Vancouver singer-song writer Tobias Jesso Jr. will be releasing his debut album in March, and though there isn’t much music to go by yet, the future of the Canadian musician is exciting. The album is set to feature some production from the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, and will deal with Jesso’s time spent going between Vancouver and Los Angeles. Vocal comparisons are easy to make for Jesso, as he sounds like everyone from John Lennon to Jet’s Nic Cester or Jack’s Mannequin Andrew McMahon. On “How Could You Babe,” the song is primarily centered on a piano that conveys as much emotion as Jesso’s voice.


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