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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: Market food

Sebastian Maynard – Samosa Delite

When you are hungry, the market can be a bit of an overwhelming place. I couldn’t decide on all the options; a breakfast pizza or maybe a poutine, but in the end the cosmos directed me towards a market classic: samosas from Samosa Delite. My personal favourite is the hot veggie samosa, but they have a variety of flavors and sauces that are great to snack on or bring home for later. My recommendation is to get enough for both, enjoy a few in the morning and I promise any that are left will be gone by Sunday morning.


Adam Travis – Crepes de Banks

Consisting of raspberries and banana chunks drizzled with Nutella wrapped in a freshly made crepe, I found ”Sarah’s Favourite” a nice change from the regular meat-heavy offerings at the market. Running from $6 to $8, the price is about average for market food. Service can be slow as the crepes are only made one at a time, but a little wait time is common for many market staples. Gyros, sausages and samosas are all solid offerings, but none of them say “good morning” like a warm crepe.


Devin Patterson – A Taste of Greek

It was a very enjoyable first visit of 2015 for me. I started my market trip off with some fresh OJ from Dalton’s. Then we walked around for ages trying to decide on what to have; for me I was torn between Chinese and Greek food. I settled on a beef gyro from A Taste of Greek, which was delicious, but it’s a messy kind of delicious. We tried an all day breakfast pizza from Milda’s Croissants & Wood Fired Pizza, which was really too good to share. And then ended the day with a coffee from Whitney’s, which should be in the running for best coffee in the city.


Mathieu Wong- Hans the German – Wagschal Farm

At the market I opted for something I hadn’t had before. Normally I tend to migrate towards the samosas and donairs, but this time I went for schnitzel on a bun at the Hans farmers stand. I had never been there before, but they are known for their meat products, especially sausages. It was essentially a schnitzel hamburger, with a breaded cutlet in the middle and cooked onions with sauerkraut to add a sweet and tangy flavor. It was pretty filling and really tasty, which obviously gives it top marks from me.

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