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Faculty of education passes non-confidence motion against UNB admin

The UNB faculty of education passed a motion of non-confidence in the senior administration on Wednesday.

With this they joined the faculties of arts, science, business and engineering, which passed similar motions last spring.

In the motion, the faculty expressed that it “has lost confidence in the senior management of UNB to administer the university in ways consistent with the tradition of collegial governance and the core mission of the university as an institution devoted to teaching and research.”

It passed with 19 in favour, one against and five abstentions.

“We in the motion ask that the Board of Governors conduct a review of the performance of senior administrators at UNB with regard to running the university … and that they report the results of that review to the university,” said education professor Alan Sears.

This was not the first motion passed by the education council in the past year. Last spring the faculty voted in favour of a motion that said their confidence was “shaken.”

“[In last spring’s motion] we asked that the senior administration of the university would engage with faculty across campus to improve the relationships and be more inclusive in running the university,” said Sears.

“So we felt that there had been no real progress on that score and so we determined  that we would vote for a full non-confidence motion.”

The motion has been sent to senate and will be discussed next Tuesday.

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