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Greek council, final budget discussed at UNBSU council on Sunday

Greek Life Organizations were discussed at length this past Sunday during the UNBSU’s council

“It was probably one of the most engaging discussions we’ve had; everybody seemed to have
input,” said Will MacMackin, vice-president of finance and operations.

The conversation was heated, but in the end council motioned for the UNBSU’s policy
committee to consider putting an oversight body into practice.

The oversight body will be a Greek council that will require all Greek life organizations to
function under the same principles and expectations.

“I’ve been in talks with [the Greek council]. They’re in the process of drafting the constitution as
far as I’m aware. We want to help them out as well as we can, but we have to wait to get their
paperwork all submitted before we go any further with them,” MacMackin said.

The Greek council would include not only leaders of each fraternity and sorority, but also
members from the Student Union and university administration.

“The UNBSU policy committee will be looking at the specific format of this council and will
have recommendations for Feb. 15,” said Nicole Saulnier, UNBSU vice-president external.

Also at Sunday’s council meeting, the Student Union’s budget for 2015-2016 was passed unanimously. The budget for the next academic year will be $1.75 million, with about $1 million going towards health and dental insurance costs. The rest of the money will go to paying part-time staff within the union and student services such as Saferide.

“Mainly Saferide is going to go up. We’re looking at purchasing a third van. That’ll be a project
for this summer — to figure out how to incorporate the use of that third van,” said MacMackin.

The residence grant is also getting a boost. Each year, residences on campus can apply to the
the Student Union for funding for house events. Because the fund was almost used up at the end of first semester this year, $500 will be added to this line of the budget.

In addition, more money will be going towards employees of the union.

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