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SlippAdvisor: The Diplomat

Every good restaurant has its specialty. When I want Mexican food I go somewhere I know has good Mexican,; if I’m in the mood for Italian food (which is pretty much always), I like a place with fresh pasta or pizza. Not only does a good restaurant want its dishes to have consistent flavours and techniques but they also want an atmosphere that suits the brand and ultimately the price point. So this begs me to ask the question, what is the Diplomat?

The menu is jumbled with the likes of sandwiches, seafood, steaks, and an abundant amount of Chinese inspired dishes; — I have even seen a curry dish on the menu. All this, and arguably their most famous meal choices: their all-day breakfast options along with the ever- so- popular Diplomat buffet.

I can’t comment on the Diplomat’s buffet simply because I would never order it. Something about me having to stand up and serve myself whilst “going out to eat” just doesn’t seem right, not to mention the hoard horde of people that continually are placing their hands near the food that I would soon be eating. And god forbid if I’m actually seated beside  the buffet as the flood of over- hungry patrons fill their plates with a shopping list of frozen fare.

So, is this establishment the causal upper- scale restaurant they perceive themselves to be? Or is it just a place I only think of while intoxicated at 3 a.m., after all I have left in my pocket is $30 and I certainly don’t want to give Klub Khrome one more dollar. Regardless of why I think to eat at the Diplomat, it’s apparent that after 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday many of the ever- so- lovely club goers of Fredericton seem to love the place,. Aafter all, every great restaurant is open 24 hours, right?

When I visited the restaurant about a month ago I was greeted by a nice hostess at the door and was kindly shown to my seat. Water came immediately which is always a good thing, but as I hinted at, the menu is overwhelming and seems to offer far too much for the restaurant to really focus and be great at certain dishes.

The Chinese dish itself was presented cleanly on the plate and really did look quite appetizing. However, in terms of flavour I found the dish ultimately too heavy on the stomach and overly salty. The chicken balls seemed to have more batter than chicken and the rice, well, I guess it’s hard to screw up rice. I did enjoy the spare ribs to an extent but those also left me feeling the need to go straight to the gym. I would have liked the dish to make me feel better about eating it, but it lacked on in overall quality. Dessert was an option but the main dish left me far too full to even consider it.

Though the food didn’t excite me, the service was excellent and I have great respect for any restaurant who can master the art of good service. Overall I don’t hate the Diplomat (except for the buffet) and can certainly see why some do enjoy the experience. I just don’t love the food and a true identity for this restaurant is foggy.

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