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The Brunswickan’s Food & Liquor: The Best Pizza in Fredericton

Sebastian Maynard – Luna Pizza

The flavours of Luna Pizza have kept my friends and I coming back for some time now, but we have slowly realized that the pizza isn’t as good as we once thought. While the toppings are probably the best quality around, the pizza isn’t very well made, with cheese sliding off and the whole thing often falling apart. After some extensive research, it seems that this could be because there is too much sauce on the pie, and a good ratio is essential. That being said, we ate every slice of pizza and didn’t regret a thing.


Colin McLean – Pizza Twice

Pizza makes everyone’s list of top 3 favourite foods, and if it doesn’t, there is something wrong with your taste buds. Although Pizza Twice is a little out of the way for most students, it is definitely worth the hike up the hill. With awesome service and awesome pies you can’t really ask for more from a pizza joint. You can’t go wrong with a slice and a can of pop from Pizza Twice. Just be sure to avoid the high school rush at around noon.


Devin Patterson – Jack’s Pizza

Jack’s Pizza is a staple for those hungry at two in the morning, which kind of guarantees that people will love it. Tasting it when you are sober is a different experience though, as it is a big slice but very flat, and the easiest way to eat it is by folding it in half. I went for the works this time around, but the overwhelming flavors were the cheese and sauce making it a pretty basic pizza by my standards.


Mathieu Wong – Greco Pizza

Greco always satisfies those empty stomachs during the day and late at night. Cheese pizza, the works, and garlic fingers are always a safe and delicious choice. Always be sure to keep an eye of deals such as cheap party-sized pizza, as well as free flavored crusts. The opportunities to order from this place are endless:

Having a party Saturday night and people want pizza? Order from Greco.

Watching a hockey game? Order from Greco.

People in residence sitting around the lounge at midnight not knowing what to do? They will probably order from Greco …

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