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Backstreet Records launches Vinyl of the Month Club

As cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation would say, it’s “the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

Backstreet Records is launching the Vinyl of the Month Club, which will be a subscription program for music lovers in Fredericton.

Eric Hill is the owner of Backstreet Records and he’s excited for the new project to begin.

“We’ve had an awesome response so far. This is like an extension of what we do in-store, suggest things to people who are open to new genres or artists.”

The club is simple. For $25.00, which you can pay monthly or for the year, you receive an album on the third week of the month. Along with this, members also receive 10% off other purchases in the store.

For Hill, the tough part has not been to get the club going, but to choose something people are willing to listen to.

“The challenge is to pick something that appeals to a large group, something that isn’t disposable.”

Once Hill makes his pick, members will receive an email to tell them when the vinyls are in. This month’s record, Hill says, is one by a band who has a few albums out but isn’t widely known.

“We’re going to have a variety of styles. It’s like a throwback to the Columbia Record Club.”

The plan is for people who are signed up to eventually have input in the records and styles that are featured. Hill also explained that starting in the spring, a bike delivery option of the records may become available.

Though the project is starting small, Hill is hoping it will grow.

“We’re limiting membership in January to 10 people so that we’re not stuck with extra copies we can’t sell. Also, we need to make sure record  companies can supply us with the amount we need.”

The club is set to begin this week and already has a handful of people registered. Most members have only committed for the first month, but one has already signed up for the entire year.

To find out more about the club or to subscribe, you can drop into the downtown store or check out their website at Backstreetrecords.blogspot.com.

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