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Pride the latest feature of Monday Night Film Series

Watching a movie in Fredericton doesn’t end at Netflix or going to the Cineplex, as there are other cinema options, such as Tilley Hall at UNB, and the Monday Night Film Series.

On Jan. 12, the NB Film Coop showed the second movie in their winter series entitled Pride.

The movie takes place 1980s England during Margaret Thatcher’s political reign over the country. Welsh coal miners and London gay and lesbian activists come together, as they were both battling the country’s leader.

Tony Merzetti is the executive director at the NB Filmmakers’ Co-operative. He says that this is an exciting film for the series.

“Movies that are based on true life incidents are always great. LGBTQ issue films have also been a growing trend, so this is a great film for us to show. It’s also a perfect fit for the society.”

The film series is something that Merzetti is excited to work on. The Filmmakers’ Co-operative gets to work closely with Film Circuit, a group that works with the Toronto Film Festival.

“They send us a list. I check trailers online and look at reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to see if it fits with what the people around here like. People often get mad if I pick too many dark and serious films, so we try to have some variety.”

With a recently installed digital projector, attendance for the series has had about 200 people per film.  While the attendance may be high, Merzetti wishes for more diversity in the crowds.

“It’s hard trying to get students to come out. It’s hard to find young people who aren’t into the mass market, mainstream films that they would play at Cineplex. The students that do come, however, love it and wonder why there aren’t more young people attending.”

The rest of the films of the series are of different genres and come from countries all over. Many of the films are on the radar for the Academy Awards nominations. Films take place every Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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