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Greek Council treatment is unfair

Historically speaking, fraternities and sororities have not been breeding grounds for well-adjusted, morally sound individuals who make safe, smart decisions.

Breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty things like hazing, exclusivity, sexual assault and alcohol poisoning (and probably more than a few syphilis outbreaks)? Bingo.

Regardless of what kinds of fundamental and critical changes they’ve made in recent years, no one is denying that Greek life organizations have, historically, had an unsafe and unpleasant taint.

But you know what else has, historically, had an unsafe and unpleasant taint? Guns. And not only was UNB’s Marksman Club recently ratified by the UNB Student Union, but they were invited to participate in Friday’s Clubs and Societies Fair in the Student Union Building atrium with no trouble from the university.

The newly-founded Greek Council, on the other hand? Not the case.

I draw this comparison to highlight that if UNB’s decision not to allow the Greek Council to promote or recruit on campus is taken strictly from a student safety perspective and not an image control perspective, then the administration either needs to give them a chance to prove that they aren’t the slimy fraternities and sororities of yesteryear or they need to reevaluate who they invite to their parties.

Tess Allen is the Editor-in-Chief of the Brunswickan. 

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