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Independent comedy tour making stop at UNB


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With Canada having some of the worst weather possible during the winter months, things sometimes end up cancelled. But one show with an ironic name is trying to defy those odds.

The Weather Permitting Comedy Tour is coming to the UNB campus on Monday, Jan. 12. With the beginning of the semester arriving, and the cold weather starting to get colder and colder, the comedy show could not come at a better time.

Michael Flamank, Andrew Barr and Michelle Christine have been on tour since early November. After two weeks off for a Christmas break, they’re ready to start the East Coast part of the tour.

“We just did 42 shows in 40 days, so things on this leg of the tour are much more relaxed but still exciting,” said Christine.

Barr says that so far, everything has been great.

“We’ve had no cancellations yet because of the weather, everything’s been successful. We’ve had the chance to see a lot of Canada you might not get to see, like the mountains in British Columbia. But we also got to see lots of boring stuff too.”

The three comedians all have different material that they like to do in their shows. Flamank does a lot of crowd work, while Michelle uses personal experiences and video game humor. Barr on the other hand, makes fun of himself and tells dick jokes.

The cross-Canada tour isn’t the first time that the trio have worked together, as they have also done other projects with SiriusXM radio, MTV and iChannel, just to name a few.

While the trio have been featured on TV and played many of the major clubs across the country, it is universities, bars and ski hills that are making up the venues for this tour. Produced entirely by the three comedians, they hope that the Weather Permitting tour can inspire other artists to also take the independent route when starting their careers.

As Christine explained, “We all bring something different to the table. So we all took on different parts of organizing the tour. Having a boss sucks, so it’s great to do this independently.”

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