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The routine of accomplishment

All of life involves some form of a routine. Sometimes it’s class, eating, travelling or the very essence of change itself. When it comes to weight loss, it’s all about routine and sticking with the task of challenging yourself. Every time you want to aim for something more, you need to have a routine, even if the routine is ever-changing.

The first pounds I lost were the same routine. I woke up, set the treadmill for less than five minutes and would add another minute or two the next day. I never thought I would see the day I could run five minutes, and over a few months I made it one day to one hour and 48 minutes. My routine was waking up everyday a little sore but knowing I would be running “the best run of my life” that day. I did this every day for a few months. And it led to eventually running my first 5K race after being down about 40-50 pounds.

At this point, my routine became something a little more. I lived in a city where the biggest landmark was exactly 5K from my driveway. So every Monday night I ran towards it. Some nights I made it, some I didn’t. Eventually I could get all the way there without stopping, then stumble home wondering “how will I ever run 10K?”

The most cliché thing I always come across with those who wish to lose weight is “stick with it.” Sometimes people ask how I lost 114 pounds and I need to answer with that; but, the truth is, changing is easy, not changing back is the real challenge. You can push yourself towards a goal, but the second you revert back to the previous life style is when progress is lost. Accomplishing something incredible is always a great feeling — imagine if that accomplishment was some sort of a routine for you.

Eventually, my routine was a 10K every Monday night. Shortly after, it was part of several routines that involved the gym, random 5Ks and hiking the death trails outside my parents’ place every single morning I stayed there. The routine was what changed me, which was ironic because I was always changing my routine.

Over the years, routines have consisted of daily 10Ks, pushups and situps before bed, five minutes of skipping ropes and of course cardio machines at the gym. Not all of these stayed. I really miss when my routine was running 12-16K every single day, but that’s just not for me right now. Right now my routine is doing my best with the time I have, since school is hectic and winter is harsh. I know my best will always be enough. Remember that doing your best is all anyone can ever ask for. But if you have a routine of constantly changing for the better, your routine will be greatness you’ve truly earned.

“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear” —George Addair

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