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Modelling in its most natural form

Humans, like everything else, are a work of art. Go on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr and all you see are photos of people. Go to an art gallery and you will see a portrait of someone, or walk downtown and notice the sculptures. These days, everyone is model, but there is a difference between having your photo taken at a party and standing naked in front of a group of strangers.

For Lacey Vance, the difference between the two is that one is her job. Since last February, she has been modeling naked for art classes around the city.

“One of my friends told me that NBCCD was looking for models and he knew that I was the open type.”

She said that she was nervous at first.

“I was standing there for the first time with my robe on, very nervous of what was about to happen. When I took my robe off, the nervousness just went away and I felt perfectly comfortable.”

You would think that being naked in front of a class filled with people would be intimidating and make you feel judged, but Vance says it’s one of the least judgmental places.

“This is the least judgmental time. The artists are grateful to have a live figure to work with. So they’re just looking at you and your lines.”

Vance describes the process as being nonsexual.

“Fifty percent of the world has one body part and the rest have the other. So people know what it looks like. Being naked in front of people doesn’t have to be sexual. The artists also aren’t there for a sexual reason. They look at your body as a shape and lines, they’re not there to get with you.”

She says that any type of body can model naked and that artists are open to anyone.

Skinny, fat, tall or short, anyone can do it. She also says that there are more female models than males out there. Vance believes that anyone who wants to should give it a try.

“You just need to decide for yourself what feels right. It’s a liberating experience where you get to be the centre of attention.”

And the pay isn’t bad either. Depending on the class she’s in, Vance can make anywhere between $12 and $20 per hour.

Drawing, photography and sculpting are the types of classes Vance has modeled for and she hopes to keep doing so as a part-time job.

“I always wanted to be a model, even when I was a little girl. I just never would have guessed that my beginnings would be naked.”

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