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UNBSU plans own recommendations for UNB Act draft

The UNBSU will be making some recommendations of their own for the draft revisions of the UNB Act.

The consultation process for the UNB Act revision has been marked with controversy, mainly with issues over its length, but a motion passed by UNB senates at the end of October extended the consultation period and has provided the UNBSU with more time to submit their recommendations.

“Now that we’ve had an extension we’re going to try to make the most of it,” said Greg Bailey, president of the UNBSU. “I think we’re going to do a far more detailed analysis of the UNB Act.”

The extension gives the UNB community until March 15 of next year to provide feedback about their concerns. Bailey said they will use the extra time to their advantage.

“We’ll most likely be talking to our colleagues in the faculty of law and we’ll be definitely putting together some other committees to have a broader group of eyes to look it over than just the people within council and the executive who have been working on it,” he said.

Bailey said they will mostly be looking into the wording of the document to ensure they fully understand its intentions.

“A lot of the wording really needs to be looked at more in depth. I get that it’s draft revisions but this is kind of where the phrase ‘the letter of the law’ comes into play,” he said.

“Everyone should be on the same page when you’re talking about something as big as the legislation that governs the whole university.”

The UNBSU will be working with UNBSJ’s Student Representative’s Council to coordinate their efforts. Bailey said they want as much student involvement as possible.

“We’re definitely going to do everything we can to have students involved in the recommendations process. We want feedback from everybody,” he said.

When their recommendations are drafted, they will go to the UNBSU council before being sent to the UNB Act Review Steering Committee.

The UNB Act is a piece of legislation that provides an outline for how the university is structured and operated. The revision process for the most recent changes began last February and has been criticized for its lack of transparency.

Currently it is in the community feedback stage, which comprises two parts: a written submission period that will last until March followed by town hall meetings at a date yet to be determined.

The last major changes to the UNB Act were made in 1984.

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